How To Improve Your Blackjack Skills: Tips & Tricks


Blackjack may seem like a simple card game to some but this is not exactly true. The table title requires good knowledge of several factors in order to be successful and even then luck still plays a part at times. When a skilled user plays 21 online the player disadvantage can be brought down to as low as 5%, which is one of the lowest scores among popular game types today.

Here are the most important things to remember when playing blackjack online:

  • Do not bet very much to start. Starting with smaller bets lets you have time to learn without losing a lot of money. This allows you to grow your confidence with the game before placing bigger bets.

  • Taking insurance is not recommended. It is a well-known fact that taking insurance on bets actually worsens your odds.

  • Don't split up pairs of 4s, 5s, or 10s as this will hurt your odds. Also do not stand when your hand is between 12 and 16 if the dealer has more than 7.

  • Be sure to always check the version of the game you want to play. Because Blackjack is a classic that has been played for centuries multiple varieties of the title can be found on most casinos today.

  • If you have a hand of 8 or below always hit. This is advisable as it immediately betters your odds. When you have a hand between 9 and 16 double down or stand. Stand when your hand is between 17 and 21.

  • Stick to games that only use 1 deck of cards. When 2 or more decks are included in a single game it can complicate the techniques needed to maintain high odds.

  • Check the payout a casino has in place. The most popular odds for 21 overtime has been 3:2, but this has not stopped some online gambling sites from changing this. Be sure to avoid anything but 3:2 for the best odds.

  • In cases where you lose a game be sure to replace what was lost. This will maintain your odds over a gambling session.

Even though Blackjack has been around longer than most other games does not mean it is any easier to beat. The use of some fairly simple rules and techniques can ensure that you win more than lose and that you'll have fun while doing it.

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